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Blood Sugar

A blood glucose test Measures the glucose levels in the blood – glucose is a type of sugar.
Your blood glucose level is the amount of glucose molecules in your blood. It indicates how well your body processes sugar, and can be affected by various factors including stress, types of food, infection and or illness.

Too much or too little glucose in the blood can be a sign of a serious medical condition. The test result could indicate whether there might be any prediabetes or even diabetes present, a disorder that can cause serious, long-term health conditions
The test is performed by using a small device (needles) called a lancet to prick your finger. A drop of blood will be put onto a test strip and insert it into a small, electronic glucose meter, which measures the glucose is in your blood.
A blood sugar test has low to no risks or side effects.
Normal blood glucose levels depending on time of testing should be between 4.7 – 6.00 mmol/l

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