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Live blood analysis

Live Blood Analysis is an assessment tool which provides immediate insights into your health and disease status. We are not looking to make a diagnosis from patterns seen, but is assessing the biological terrain, which may appear as pH imbalances etc

Live blood analysis is especially useful in preventative healthcare. The red blood cells carry oxygen and the plasma carries nutrients to every cell in the body. The state of health or ill-health of the blood thus affects every cell in the body, so it can be seen that by improving the health of the blood, one can improve the health of the body.

Live Blood Analysis is a quick and efficient way of assessing the health of the patient. A drop of blood is examined under a special microscope using both dark-field and bright-field options. Very quickly one can see nutritional deficiencies, which organs are stressed, heavy metal toxicities, and imbalances in acidity or pH. This is not a diagnostic tool but serves to confirm that which is already suspected, and also serves to monitor and demonstrate progress, and response to treatment.

The advantage of examining the blood in its fresh state is that one can gain so much more The difference with live blood analysis is that the patient gets to see the abnormalities directly, and participates in the discussion of them. The correction of the abnormalities is usually achieved with the adoption of healthier eating habits, lifestyle modifications and natural supplements

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